Road and
Engineering Construction

Road andEngineering Construction

Project and
Engineering Works

Project andEngineering Works

Our credo is „Uncompromising quality“ and we try to apply this credo to every building, from small additions to 20 000 sq. m.

Our potential is based on experienced management previously active in the biggest construction companies in Slovakia, such as SKANSKA, CASTA and HANT, as well as on the individual project teams delivering projects on-time, with better quality, and under budget to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our full-service team of construction personnel, site planners and craftsmen will continually keep you informed during your project with updated budgets and timelines. Our reputation is built by meeting deadlines, being accessible, and providing quality workmanship.

Our Projects

Our staff is highly experienced in residential construction, as well as in industrial, civil and traffic construction, and in the construction of technical infrastructure.

We understand how important quality construction, at the lowest operating costs and failure rate, is for you. To this end, our team is ready to help you with the preparation of your project.

Our Values



Thorough planning, attention to detail, highly experienced construction workers and management means only the highest quality work.



Continuous review of timelines and budget, employing proven subcontractors, and heading off problems before they happen produces a timely, on-budget construction project.



Over 12 years experienced engineers and management in the contruction´s preparation and realization throughout Slovakia, quarantee only the highest professionalism.